Jabalpur, India


Jabalpur, one of the most ancient cities located in central India, is a blessed and spiritual place of visiting and worship. With the incredible shore of the sacred Narmada River in sight, Jabalpur makes for a cleansing, soul-searching journey.

Jabalpur is recognized for its famous Marble Rocks, stunning valleys, and glorious history. Vinoba Bhave, who is a widely respected saint philosopher in modern times of India, dubbed this city “Sanskar Dhani” – which translates to “the capital of various cultural influences.”

With an amazing collection of backgrounds, beliefs and travelers included in the mix, Jabalpur is sure to appease all of your interests. By visiting this varied community, you will learn about aspects of several unique civilizations. Feel yourself immersed in harmony and peace with the pleasant, welcoming people in one of the most beautiful cities today!

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Jabalpur Facts

State: Madhya Pradesh

Jabalpur Key Attractions: Dhuandhar Falls, Marble Rocks, Madan Mahal Fort and Kanha Kisli National Park

Jabalpur Airport: Dumna Airport

Jabalpur Railway Station: Jabalpur Junction

Jabalpur Weather: Summer - Mar to Jun (47.7°C - 24.9 °C); Winter - Oct to Feb (24.5°C - 9.1°C)

Best Time to Visit Jabalpur: October to March

Jabalpur STD Code: 0761